Friday, January 27, 2012

You know that feeling?Standing in front of THIS one guy,unable to say all those words you wanted to say?Oh,and don't forget blushing,turning into a tomato,or better into a thirteen-year-old teenage girl falling in love with someone like Cody Simpson or Justin Bieber.
So,everytime I know I'll see him in school,I always build thousands of sentences in my head,just to forget them when I look into his ocean eyes.Thats the biggest shit.
Like the chorus of my favorite song "Crazy crazy"(Guinevere<3333)
Everytime I think about you feel this shivers running up my spine it makes me crazy
Everynight I dream about you feel this trigger pullin,it's a sing I love you baby
Crazy,crazy you make me crazy all the time
Baby,baby you make me lose my fucking mind*_*

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