Sunday, May 20, 2012

I've been in Berlin for three days.And I made sooo many new experiences.
1.I'm international.Everyone thought I can understand their languages.
2.I love Bubble Tea.
3.Kangaroo meat tastes like beef.
4.I can't live three days without singing^^
5.Heaven is not that far
6.Asian people look very cute:)
7.I ate something to die for but I'm still alive.
8.There are so many crazy people outside
9.Turkish Security Guards are more interested in their mobile phones than in the safety
10.I'd love to hug all little puppies and babies on the whole planet.Don't ask why.
11.German tv is crap.
12.Everyone will find the perfect one<3
13.My hair looked weird the whole time.
14.I'm a daydreamer
15.And I can be snappier than I thought :D
16.The underground plan is so confusing

17.Sometimes life is just perfect.There are those little moments I want to
freeze the picture and stay there forever.But I can't,so I keep on dreaming<3

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